Malicious Attack On Argentinian Government Through Bitcoin Ransomware

Shilpa Ranga by Shilpa Ranga - 12:58 PM Dec 10, 2019

These hackers that attacked the Argentinian government asked for almost a 37,000 to 37,0000 Dollar from the large accounts of the government. Thankfully, the Argentinian government has managed to recover 70 per cent of its data. But the authorities are yet to recover the remaining 15 per cent. Demands of the hackers have been in the form of cryptocurrencies. They have full-fledged asked for a considerable amount of income from the government.

The stolen data is entirely confidential and could lose the government out on a massive bulk of the value. Also, the same situation has been faced by some entity wherein the hackers spammed some data that was almost about 7.300 GB and asked for a massive amount of income for the recovery of the same. Things have simultaneously changed, and now the government is better prepared with a whole lot of malware detecting and ransomware attacking tools. Thus, this credit goes to the technical analyst team of experts that have made all those changes.


Troubled History Of Hackers With Argentinian Government

Hackers have had several run-ins with the law in the past. Also, they choose high-profile targets, which is why they have gained a whole lot of money out of their ransomware scams. The government and their agencies identify most of these cases but the other ones fall short in identifying the crime. These ransomware scams help hackers gain a considerable amount of money. Sometimes these hackers that are famously known as ransomware make the Argentinian government their victim, but other times they try to rob the other bodies.

History of hacking can take a whole lot of time to depict the exact wrongdoings that have been done by the hackers. Hackers recently carried out their operations via some ransomware. This has become a matter of concern for the government. However, the government might soon recover the hacked data if things go as expected. You will be up to date about all the facts of data hacking if you will follow the crypto news.

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