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Greece Government Mandates 30 Percent Electronic Spending facebook

Greece Government Mandates 30 Percent Electronic Spending

Shilpa Ranga by Shilpa Ranga - 02:02 PM Dec 10, 2019
Greece Government Mandates 30 Percent Electronic Spending

Greece government has made it obligatory for the Greece people to produce 30 per cent of their payment through electronic means. Majority of people in Greece have been making their payments via cash. Now, that considerably includes bill payment, retail spending etc. This is one of the law implementations by Prime Minister Kyriakos. The latest move will help regulate the tax system.

Citizens Using Cash To Avoid Scrutiny

Through the means of cash payments, citizens attempt to skip some of the cash. The amount of the cash system adds to the corruption. Hence the government has been trying to implement this system. This will be very beneficial in the long run as it will be good for the government. If you have been following crypto news, then you must be aware of the ongoing discussion that Greece government is having. The government will slash down corporate tax from 28 to 24 per cent through the means of cash payment.

Online Transactions To be the Norm

Cash payment can hold a lot of unethical methods of cash payment. Online transactions will be subjected to a lot of ethical factors. This will prevent unnecessary spending and regulate the taxation system. Many people have agreed upon this new system of payment. The other parties have not been happy to hear this news.

Opposition From People

Greece Government has been trying very hard to make these required changes, but many people are opposing this regulation. This can be very beneficial and a regulatory act that can bring about a lot of benefits. Many people have acknowledged this fact to be very relevant, but others have wholly attempted to prohibit it. Many call tax evasion the national sport in the country Greece. This law has not been enforced as yet but will be imposed soon as it will be a mandate. 

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