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Established in 2019, Cryptoknowmics has emerged as one of a kind decentralized media portal, which closely monitors every aspect of the cryptocurrency universe. As a responsible service provider of cryptocurrency news, we aim to be the biggest media platform in the crypto niche and serve our users with the latest updates and information in the crypto domain. The content strategy of our platform reflects real innovation, which focuses on our day-to-day responsibilities toward our readership. It comprises of informed editorials on regulations, peer group analysis, and insights from industry veterans.

Apart from real-time crypto news, we also feature airdrops, events, ICOs, IEOs, STOs, market fundamentals, tokens, coins, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and wallets. Our in-depth market analyses, tutorials, and learning modules also help crypto traders and enthusiasts to gain a better understanding of the complicated crypto industry and identify crypto trends. Through our accurate Bitcoin news and other updates on the crypto world, we deliver a complete and detailed review of the market to our esteemed users.

We take immense pride in the transparency and integrity of our platform and consistently strive to maintain the reputation that it has managed to earn for itself. All the press releases and articles published on our platform undergo a thorough screening process that is carried out by our editorial staff. This enhances the credibility of every bit of Ethereum news and other developments that you see on our website.

Our commitment toward providing you with the most genuine updates and information is evident from our efforts to apply artificial intelligence in all our operations to weed out fake news. This would ensure that you get the most accurate and precise piece of information from us. We make sure that every information that you receive from us is corroborated by multiple sources. That’s why we keep a tab on the market and exchanges to pass on to you the most relevant and genuine information.

Our Team
Dr. Thao D. H. Ngo


Ajay Agarwal


Trina Dinh

Marketing Director

Dr. Vineesh Vijayan

Director of Media & Corporate Relation

Prasenjeet Kashyap

Business Development

Dr. Alok Agarwal

Marketing & Relations

Dr. Arun Kumar

Marketing & Relations

Anuj Mittal

Chief Advisor

Raghav Agarwal

Oxford Certified Blockchain Strategist

Akhil Agarwal

Community Building

Komfie Manalo


Nisid Singh

Legal And Compliance

Prahlad Singh


Suraj Singh

Lead Developer

Our Advisors
Jorge Sebastiao

CTO Eco-System | ICT Expert | Cloud Computing | CyberSecurity | Disaster Recovery | BigData | AI | Blockchain

Dr. Evan Luthra

Entrepreneur & Investor | Honorary Ph.D in Blockchain

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D.

Sales & Business Development | Blockchain | CRYPTO | ICO | Healthcare

Naveen Kapoor

Business Analyst | Project Manager | Scrum Master | Blockchain Expert

Richard Trummer

Strategy & Investor Relations

Rubab Arshad

Marketing Advisor at Exclusive Platform

John Dalli

Politician and Consultant

Hamza Khan

Blockchain Dev | Advisor | Developer | Stellar Blockchain Expert

Joylin Telagen

ICO IEO STO Advisor l CMO l Representative Faster Capital l Ambassador l ICOBench Expert l Community Building I Trader

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